Error 941



Message text

Illegal database context operation.


The Adaptive Server Database Context Manager controls access to databases. Any process opening or closing a database must do so through this subsystem, which maintains a list of open databases, the server user ID (suid) accessing the database, and other information in memory. The manager also accesses the process status structure (PSS), which is a memory structure associated with each process describing the state of the process and usage of various resources used by the process.

Error 941 is raised when the Database Context Manager encounters a problem in fulfilling a database context change request.

Error 941 occurs with the following states:




A request is made to close the current database and return the context to the previous database for the requestor. However there is no previous database on the context list.


A request is made to close the last database open for the requestor. However the context list indicates that this is not the last open database.


A database close request does not include a context for the action (such as returning to the previous database).


A request is made to initialize the context list. However the list is not empty and cannot be initialized.

Error 941 is due to corruption of the PSS or other memory structures.


Shut down and restart Adaptive Server to clear any memory corruption. If the problem persists, increase the value of the number of open databases parameter.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions