Adding Server Class HANAODBC

SAP ASE version 16.0 adds the HANAODBC server class, which enables you to connect to the SAP HANA server using ODBC.

You must install the HANA ODBC driver on the same machine that is running SAP ASE.

  1. To add the HANAODBC server class, execute:
    sp_addserver logical_server_name, HANAODBC, ODBC_DSN_name
    This example adds big_hana_server as the Big_company DSN:
    sp_addserver big_hana_server, HANAODBC, Big_company
  2. Use sp_addexternlogin to map the SAP ASE login account and password.

    This example configures the system administrator to use the name 'HANA_login' with "HANA_login_password" to log in to the remote server named "big_hana_server":

    sp_addexternlogin big_hana_server, sa, HANA_login, HANA_login_password