Archive Databases and Full Encryption

Archive databases are read-only. The encryption syntax indicates that an archive database can load an encrypted database dump.

As with database backups and loads, restore the master key and database encryption key, and associate the DEK with the archive database.

To dump or load a fully encrypted archive database, perform the same steps as with normal databases.

To create an archive database, use:
create archive database database_name
    encrypt with key_name

Unlike normal databases, an archive database provides a modified page section that stores page modification or allocation information due to redos/undos and transaction loading operations. When you encrypt an archive database, encrypt the data in the modified page section as well, using the database encryption key from the archive database.

There is no special permission to use the encrypt with option of the create archive database command. Users however, need select permission on the database encryption key to reference it as the key_name.

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