Restore (Load) Backups of Fully Encrypted Databases

Restore a fully encrypted database as you would a normal, unencrypted database.

Before you can load an encrypted database dump:
  1. Restore the master key and database encryption key.
  2. Create the target database for encryption using the same database encryption key you used for the database you are loading.
Use this command to restore your encrypted database, where database_name is the name of the encrypted database you are restoring:
load database database_name
Note: You cannot use the verification option (load database database_name with verify only = full) with encrypted databases. When you specify this option, Backup Server reads all rows and checks that the row formats are valid. Since Backup Server cannot understand encrypted text, the command fails and Backup Server displays an error message.
When you perform load database to restore an encrypted database, SAP ASE verifies that the taget database: