Adding a message definition for a DTD  Defining namespaces in message definitions that use DTDs

Chapter 3: Using the Message Bridge GUI

Adding a message definition for an XML Schema

You can add a message definition by importing an XML Schema. When you add a message definition, Message Bridge binds the root element to the XML Schema. To add a message definition, you must know the root elements of the XML Schema you want to import.

StepsTo add a message definition for XML Schema

  1. In the Definitions panel, select a Schema Group. Select Default Group if no others exist. See Schema groups for information on new schema groups.

  2. Go to File | New | Message Definition. The Add Message Schema dialog box opens.

  3. In the Metadata Source drop-down list, select XML Schema Importer. In the Files of Type drop-down list, XML Schema (.xsd) becomes the default.

  4. Enter the name of the XML Schema you want to import. You can change directories by clicking the Down arrow in the Look In drop-down list. Navigate to the directory where the XML Schema resides and select it.

  5. Click OK. The Select Root Element dialog box opens.

  6. Select a root element from the XML Schema that corresponds to the document for this message definition. Click OK.

    NoteTo find the root element of the XML Schema you are importing, review the XML Schema file you imported in a text editor.

    The XML Schema you imported appears in the Definitions panel, and a graphical representation of the XML Schema appears in the Message Bridge GUI. The representation shows the element you selected as the root and its children, as defined in the XML Schema.

    You can now continue defining your message by:

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