Reviewing system requirements

Replication Server requires a computer with the system configuration described in Table 1-2.

Table 1-2: System requirements for Windows




A Pentium processor.


A minimum of 512MB RAM.

Disk storage

A minimum of 580MB of available hard disk space:

  • 450MB for the Replication Server software, supporting files, and log files.

  • 20MB for each Replication Server disk partition. The disk partition may be on a different disk than your Sybase software.

  • 30MB for temporary usage during installation.

One of the following:

  • Disk space for your Adaptive Server® Enterprise database, which serves as your Replication Server System Database (RSSD) if you are not using the Embedded RSSD (ERSSD). See your Adaptive Server Enterprise documentation for system requirements.

  • 80MB for your SQL Anywhere database, which serves as your ERSSD. The database directory, transaction log directory, and backup directory that make up the 80MB should each reside on different disks.

More disk space may be required, depending on your replication system application.

Operating system

One of the following:

  • Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 or later

  • Windows 2003, Service Pack 2 or later

  • Windows Vista Enterprise, Service Pack 1

  • Windows Vista Business, Service Pack 1

  • Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Windows 7

You must install the relevant Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 patch for your x86 or x64 Windows platform before you start Replication Server. See Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update.

Additional hardware

A minimum of 32-bit network card for better performance.

Supported protocols

TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Microsoft Named Pipes.