Chapter 1: Dumping and Loading Databases Across Platforms

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System Administrators, Database Administrators, and System Security Officers may find this book useful as it covers the new features available in Adaptive Server® Enterprise version 12.5.3.

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  2. Select Products from the navigation bar on the left.

  3. Select a product name from the product list and click Go.

  4. Select the Certification Report filter, specify a time frame, and click Go.

  5. Click a Certification Report title to display the report.

StepsCreating a personalized view of the Sybase Web site (including support pages)

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Sybase EBFs and software maintenance

StepsFinding the latest information on EBFs and software maintenance

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    Padlock icons indicate that you do not have download authorization for certain EBF/Maintenance releases because you are not registered as a Technical Support Contact. If you have not registered, but have valid information provided by your Sybase representative or through your support contract, click Edit Roles to add the “Technical Support Contact” role to your MySybase profile.

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In the regular text of this document, the names of files and directories appear in italics, for example:

Table 1 details the typographic (font and syntax) conventions as used in this document.

Table 1: Font and syntax conventions for this document



Command names, command option names, database names, datatypes, utility names, utility flags, and other keywords ar in e Helvetica.


Variables, or words that stand for values that you fill in, are in italics.

select column_name from table_name where search_conditions

Parentheses must be typed as part of the command.

compute row_aggregate (column_name)

Curly braces indicate that at least one of the enclosed options is required by the command (see comma).

{cheese, sauce}

NoteDo not type the curly braces.

Brackets mean that choosing one or more of the enclosed options is optional.

[anchovies, pineapple, bell_peppers]

NoteDo not type the brackets.

The vertical bar means you may select only one of the options shown.

{cash | check | credit}

NoteDo not type the curly braces.

The comma means you may choose as many of the options shown as you like; be sure to separate multiple choices in a command with commas.

[extra_cheese, avocados, sour_cream]

NoteDo not type the brackets.

An ellipsis (...) means that you can repeat the unit that the ellipsis follows as many times as you like.

buy thing = price [cash | check | credit] [, thing = price [cash | check | credit] ]...

  • You must buy at least one thing (item) and give its price.

  • You may choose a method of payment: one of the options enclosed in square brackets.

  • You may choose also to buy additional items: as many of them as you like. For each item you buy, provide its name, its price, and (optionally) a method of payment.

Syntax statements, which display the utility’s syntax including all its options, appear as shown here, either in san serif font for flags and options (-v), or italics for user-supplied values (username).

	[-P password]
	[-S server]
	[-I interface]
	sort_order | charset

Examples that illustrate computer output appear in Courier, as shown:

pub_id pub_name city state ------ --------- ------- ----- 0736 New Age Books Boston MA 0877 Binnet & Hardley Washington DC (2 rows affected)

If you need help

Each Sybase installation that has purchased a support contract has one or more designated people who are authorized to contact Sybase Technical Support. If you cannot resolve a problem using the manuals or online help, please have the designated person contact Sybase Technical Support or the Sybase subsidiary in your area.

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