New Features Adaptive Server® Enterprise 12.5.3a

Column encryption

Adaptive Server®, authentication and access control mechanisms ensure that only properly identified and authorized users can access data. Data encryption further protects sensitive data on disk or in archives against theft or security breaches.

Data encryption in Adaptive Server allows you to encrypt data at the column level. You encrypt only the sensitive data, thereby minimizing processing overhead.

The encrypted columns feature in Adaptive Server is easier to use than encryption in the middle tier or in the client application. You use sql statements to create the encryption keys and specify columns for encryption. Adaptive Server handles key generation and storage. Encryption and decryption of data occur automatically and transparently as you write and read the data in encrypted columns. No application changes are required, and there is no need to purchase third-party software.

When data is encrypted, it is stored as ciphertext. Non-encrypted data is stored as plaintext.

The encryption functionality is also contained in:

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