Monitoring SAP ASE Statistics

You can use the Windows Performance Monitor to monitor SAP ASE statistics.

To enable performance monitoring, make sure that the SQL Perfmon Integration configuration parameter is set to 1. If necessary, use sp_configure to reset this parameter. You must restart SAP ASE for the setting to take effect.

To support performance monitor integration, SAP ASE must be registered as a Windows Service.

  1. Start the Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe).
  2. Click the green plus sign in the toolbar to add counters.
  3. Select the SAP ASE Counter group that contains the counter to monitor.
    Counters can display either from the local computer or a remote computer by selecting the appropriate choice in the pull-down box.
    Note: SAP ASE counters only appear if an SAP ASE server is currently running.
  4. Select the counter or counters you want to monitor.
  5. Click Add to load available counters on the Performance Monitor display.

    For more information about the Windows Performance Monitor, see your Windows documentation.