Using Dedicated SAP ASE Operation

Installing SAP ASE on a dedicated computer improves performance, because the software does not have to share system resources with file and print server applications. However, SAP ASE is not a foreground application, because it runs as a Windows service. Increasing the priority of SAP ASE increases the CPU time available for the server.

  1. Start the Server Config tool either from the SAP menu or from the SAP Central Utilities pane.
  2. Select Configure SAP ASE.
  3. Select the server to configure, then click Continue.
  4. If the server needs to be started, click Yes, and enter an “sa” login and password when prompted.
  5. Select Command Line Parameters.
  6. Enter -P in the parameter entry field.
  7. Click OK.
When the server restarts, it picks up the new command line parameter.