Additional Dump Devices

Examples about how to specify additional dump devices.

To back up the database to three devices using the stripe on parameter and three devices:
1> dump database personnel to "\\.\TAPE0"
2> stripe on "\\.\TAPE1"
3> stripe on "\\.\TAPE2"
4> go
To restore the database using the stripe on parameter and two devices:
1> load database personnel from "\\.\TAPE0"
2> stripe on "\\.\TAPE1"
3> go
To back up a database using three devices, each attached to the remote Backup Server, REMOTE_BKP_SERVER:
1> dump database personnel 
2> to "\\.\TAPE0" at REMOTE_BKP_SERVER
3> stripe on "\\.\TAPE1" at REMOTE_BKP_SERVER
4> stripe on "\\.\TAPE2" at REMOTE_BKP_SERVER
5> go