Backup File Names

Examples about naming a backup file.

To back up a transaction log and create a default backup file name:
1> dump tran publications to "\\.\TAPE0"
2> go
To restore the log using the default file name in the file clause:
1> load tran publications from "\\.\TAPE0"
2> with file = "cations930590E100"
3> go
Note: The dump command uses the last 7 characters in the database name publications to create the transaction log backup file 930590E100. See the System Administration Guide.
In the following example, as directed by the user, the 15-character file name, personnel97sep111800 records the following backup information:
To back up the personnel database using the file clause to create the file name:
1> dump database personnel to "\\.\TAPE0"
2> with file = "personnel97sep111800"
3> go
To restore the personnel database by advancing the tape automatically to personnel97sep111800 before restoring:
1> load database personnel from "\\.\TAPE0"
2> with file = "personnel97sep111800"
3> go
Note: The file names in the preceding examples are valid only for systems that use the NTFS file system. If you are using a FAT-based file system, file names are limited to 8 characters with a 3-character extension.