Creating .dat Files for Database Devices

Use the disk init command to specify the drive, path, and file name of a new database device.

Warning!  Do not place SAP ASE devices on network drives, as this causes unpredictable system behavior. Also, if your SAP ASE uses a network drive, you cannot start the server as an automatic Windows service.
  1. If the d:\data directory does not exist, create it from the Windows command prompt:
    d:\> mkdir data
  2. Start isql and connect to SAP ASE using the “sa” account:
    d:\sap\bin> isql -Usa -Ppassword -Sserver_name
  3. Create the device using a disk init statement similar to:
    1> disk init
    2> name = "user_device1",
    3>physname = "d:\data\user1.dat",
    4>size = 4M
    5> go
    This example creates a 4MB device without an actual device number. To use a specific number, run sp_helpdevice to determine the number of an available device, and enter that number using “vdevno = (number)”.
    For more information about sp_helpdevice and the disk init command, see the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 and the Reference Manual: Commands.
    Note: SAP recommends that you do not use raw partitions for database devices.