Assigning Trusted Connection Permissions

Assign permissions to Windows users and groups that access SAP ASE over trusted connections.

  • Use sp_grantlogin when SAP ASE is running under Integrated mode or Mixed mode, and the connection is Named Pipes.

  • Use the grant command when SAP ASE is running under Standard mode or Mixed mode with a connection other than Named Pipes.

The sp_grantlogin permissions can include either one or more SAP ASE roles or just the default parameter. This parameter indicates that SAP ASE provides the user with the default permissions as assigned by the grant command.

  1. To assign the System Administrator and System Security Officer roles to all members of the Windows group named Administrators, enter:
    sp_grantlogin "Administrators", "sa_role sso_role"
  2. Then, to assign “select” permissions on the sales table to the Windows user, “hasani”, enter:
    sp_grantlogin "hasani", "default"
    	grant select on sales to hasani
If you do not specify a role or a value with sp_grantlogin, the procedure automatically assigns the default value.