Trusted Connections and Combined Login Security

Combined login security operates only over network protocols that support authenticated connections between clients and servers. Such connections are referred to as trusted connections.

Trusted connections are limited to client applications that access SAP ASE by using the Named Pipes protocol.

Note: Other network protocols, such as TCP/IP sockets and IPX/SPX, do not support authenticated connections, so clients on these protocols are handled according to the standard SAP ASE login mechanism.
A system administrator must use sp_grantlogin to assign permissions to Windows users and groups. sp_grantlogin lets system administrators:

If the system administrator does not use sp_grantlogin to assign user or group permissions, users cannot log in through trusted connections.

Note: SAP ASE does not permit trusted connections for Windows users named “sa.” The user name “sa” is reserved for the default SAP ASE system administrator account.