Add Logins to Support Unified Login

Consider whether to allow only users who are defined as valid logins to use SAP ASE or to allow any user with the default login to use SAP ASE.

When a user logs in to SAP ASE with an authenticated credential, SAP ASE:
  1. Checks that the user is a valid user in master..syslogins.
    • If the user name appears, SAP ASE accepts the login without requiring a password.

    • If the user name does not appear, SAP ASE performs step 2.

  2. Checks that a default secure login is defined in master..syslogins.
    • A default login definition allows the user to log in successfully.

    • The absence of a default login definition causes SAP ASE to reject the login.

Note: You must add the default login in master..syslogins and use sp_configure to define the default.
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