Creating a Registry key

Use the sybevent.dll file and the regedt32 utility.

  1. Log in to Windows using an account with Windows administrator privileges.
  2. Copy the sybevent.dll file from an SAP ASE machine if it does not already exist on the local computer.

    The sybevent.dll file is stored in the dll subdirectory of the SAP installation directory (\sap\ASE\dll, by default). The actual location of sybevent.dll on the logging computer is not important, however, you must record a fixed location for the file in the Windows Registry.

    Note: You can use the same sybevent.dll file on the event-logging computer, as long as all SAP ASEs are at the same version level; for example 15.0.3.
  3. Start the Windows regedt32 utility.
  4. Select the Registry window named HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  5. Open the levels until you reach the Registry key named:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\Application

  6. Select Edit > Add Key.
  7. Complete the Add Key dialog box:
    • Key Name – enter the name of the SAP ASE computer that is to store the messages at the central logging site.
    • Class – leave blank.
  8. Click OK.
Define the key that you just created.