charset Utility

Use the charset utility to load character sets and sort orders into SAP ASE during installation.

To change the default character set and sort order of SAP ASE, see the System Administration Guide: Volume 1.


[ -U username ]
[ -P password ]
[ -S server ]
[ -I interfaces ]
[ -v version ]
Keywords and Options for charsets

Keywords and Options



If you are not already logged in to your operating system as “sa”, you must specify -Usa in the command line.


Specifies the “sa” password on the command line. If not specified, the user is prompted for the “sa” password.


Specifies the name of the server. If not specified, charset uses the DSQUERY environment variable to identify the server name. If there is no DSQUERY environment variable, charset attempts to connect to a server named “SYBASE.”


Specifies the interfaces file to use. If not specified, charset uses the interfaces file in the SAP directory.


Prints the SAP ASE version string, then exits. Use with no other options specified.


When charset is used to load the default character set and sort order, sort_order is a mandatory parameter specifying the name of the sort order file to be used by SAP ASE. When loading additional character sets, use charset.loc to indicate the name of the character set files.


Specifies the directory of the character set to be used by SAP ASE.

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