Migrating from the sql.ini File to LDAP

Before you can configure your server to use LDAP service, you must upgrade the server.

There is no direct method to upgrade an existing server using the sql.ini file to one that uses LDAP. To upgrade, see the Installation Guide for Windows.

If you have LDAP or other directory services defined in the libtcl.cfg file before configuring the server, the -i argument is not added to the sql.ini file.

If you do not have LDAP or other directory services defined in the libtcl.cfg, the -i argument is added to the Windows Registry for your SAP ASE server.

  1. Shut down the server.
  2. Edit the %SYBASE%\%SYBASE_OCS%\ini\libtcl.cfg file to add the directory service.
  3. Use dsedit and add the server entry to directory service.
  4. Start the configuration utility. SelectStart > Programs > SAP > Server Config.
  5. Select Configure SAP ASE.
  6. Select the server for which to enable directory service, and click Continue.
  7. Enter your login name and password, and click Continue.
  8. When prompted to start the server, select Yes.
  9. Click Cancel or Save.
  10. Exit Server Config.
Alternatively, you can add or remove the -i argument which specifies the interfaces (sql.ini on Windows) file directly from the Windows registry.
  1. Select Start > Run and enter, regedt32.

  2. Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE view.

  3. Select SOFTWARE\Sybase\Server\server_ name\Parameters

  4. Remove the -i argument from the line that ends with ...\SAP\ini\sql.ini