Multiple Directory Services

Any type of LDAP service, whether it is an actual server or a gateway to other LDAP services, is called an LDAP server. You can specify multiple directory services for high-availability failover protection.

Not every directory service in the list must be an LDAP server.

For example:

[DIRECTORY] ldap://test:389/dc=sybase,dc=com ldap://huey:11389/dc=sybase,dc=com

In this example, if the connection to test:389 fails, the connection fails over to the DCE driver with the specified DIT base. If this also fails, a connection to the LDAP server on huey:11389 is attempted. Different vendors employ different DIT base formats.

Note: For more information, see the Open Client Client-Library/C Programmer Guide and the Open Client Client-Library/C Reference Manual