Adding a Server Entry to the Directory Service Using dsedit

Use dsedit to add a server to the directory service.


Add the LDAP URL to the libtcl.cfg file.

  1. In Windows, select Start > Programs > SAP > Connectivity > Open Client Directory Service Editor.
  2. Select LDAP from the list of servers, and click OK.
  3. Click Add New Server Entry.
  4. Enter:
    • The server name – required.

    • Security mechanism – optional. A list of security mechanism OIDs are located in %SYBASE%\ini\objectid.dat.

    • HA server name – optional. This is the name of the high-availability failover server, if you have one.

  5. Click Add New Network Transport.
    • Select the transport type.

    • Enter the host name.

    • Enter the port number.

  6. Click OK twice to exit the dsedit utility.

To view the server entries, enter this URL in Netscape:

For example:
Note: Microsoft Internet Explorer does not recognize LDAP URLs.

For more information about dscp, see the Open Client/Server Configuration Guide.