Network Communications Using sql.ini

SAP ASE communicates with other SAP ASE servers, Open Server applications, and client software across a network. Clients can communicate with one or more servers, and servers can communicate with other servers via remote procedure calls. You can configure SAP ASE to use sql.ini file connections.

Use Server Config to change the values that SAP ASE can access.

SAP ASE on Windows supports network connections using the Named Pipes, Sockets (TCP/IP), and IPX/SPX protocols. The default SAP ASE uses TCP/IP and Named Pipes, since Named Pipes is always installed with Windows.

Two files control how clients find servers and drivers:

These files, which reside on both server and client machines, enable each SAP ASE product to find the other SAP ASE servers that are on the network. The installation program automatically creates, verifies, and appends these configuration files when you install SAP ASE.