Pluggable Component Interface (PCI) Database

The pluggable component interface (PCI) allows you to add libraries that provide different functionalities to SAP ASE. Java support (pluggable component adaptor/Java virtual machine) is included as a pluggable component with SAP ASE 15.0.3 and later.

The sybpcidb database stores necessary configuration information for the PCI and the pluggable component adaptor/Java virtual machine (PCA/JVM) plug-in.

To enable PCI in SAP ASE use the GUI utility syconfig or the command level utility sybatch .

When using syconfig, choose yes, for Enable PCI in SAP ASE. Once enabled, the sybpcidb device path, device size, and sybpcidb database size must be configured. See “Managing Java in the Database During Installations and Upgrades,” in the Installation Guide for Windows.

When using sybatch, add PCI/Java related properties to the resource files used by these utilities. Enter these values:

sqlsrv.do_configure_pci: yes 
sqlsrv.sybpcidb_device_size: USE_DEFAULT
sqlsrv.sybpcidb_database_size: USE_DEFAULT