Optimize the SAP ASE Configuration

The optase script is added to SAP ASE 15.0.3 ESD #1 and later to reconfigure SAP ASE optimization anytime.

The script location is %SYBASE%\ASE-16_0\bin\optase.vbs.

The syntax is:
optase [memory] [cpus] [pagesize] [ase editon] [application type] [output sql file]
where: In this example, SAP ASE "Enterprise Edition" with 4KB page size is configured to use 2048 MB of memory, 2 CPUs and a mixed workload:
cd $SAP/ASE-16_0/bin
  ./optase.sh 2048 2 4 EE MIXED /tmp/optase.sql
  isql -Usa -P -S myserver -i /tmp/optase.sql -o /tmp/optase.out