Creating Windows Users and Groups

User account and user groups that access SAP ASE over trusted connections are created with User Manager.

Start User Manager from Start > Programs > Administrative Tools.

When creating groups and users:
  • Make sure that Windows users and groups exist before you assign permissions to them in SAP ASE.

  • Create the accounts with a user name other than “sa”.

    Note: Some functions are divided betweensa_role and sso_role. You may want to assign both roles to SAP ASE system administrators to provide the same permission level. For more information, see the System Administration Guide: Volume 1.
  • Begin planning the permission levels you want to assign to the users and groups.

    Although it may seem intuitive to grant the sa_role to the Windows Administrators group, the choice ultimately depends on the security requirements for your site.

When using integrated security features for the first time, consider restricting the permission level to a small group of Windows users. After you become more experienced with administering integrated security, you can expand the permission levels to include Windows groups.