Specifying Network-Based User Authentication

Use -V security_options to specify network-based user authentication.

With this option, the user must log in to Windows LAN Manager before running the utility. If a user specifies the -U option, he or she must also supply the network user name known to the security mechanism, and any password supplied with the -P option is ignored.

-V can be followed by a security_options string of key-letter options to enable additional security services. The key letters are:
  • i – to enable data integrity service. This option verifies that data communications have not been modified.

  • r – to enable data replay detection. This option verifies that data has not been intercepted by an intruder.

  • q – to enable out-of-sequence detection. This option verifies the order of data communications.

You can specify additional security options by including them immediately following the -V option. For example, to use isql with network-based user authentication, replay detection, and out-of-sequence detection, enter:
isql -Vrq