Replication Agent Tuning

Tune or optimize Replication Agent performance by adjusting some of the Replication Agent configuration parameters.

You can set or change a Replication Agent configuration parameter with the ra_config command.

Because the Replication Agent overwrites its entire configuration file whenever ra_config or ra_set_login is invoked, Sybase recommends that you do not edit the configuration file. Also, each Replication Agent instance reads its configuration file only at start-up. You must use the ra_config command if you want a new configuration parameter value to take effect before the instance is shut down and restarted.

All Replication Agent configuration parameters can be changed when the Replication Agent instance is in Admin state. Some configuration parameters cannot be changed when the instance is in Replicating state.

For more information about the ra_config command and Replication Agent configuration parameters, see the Replication Agent Reference Manual.