Marking and Unmarking Oracle Sequences

Replication Agent supports replication of sequences in the primary database. To replicate a sequence invoked in a primary database, the sequence must be marked for replication and replication must be for all of that sequence. (This is analogous to marking and enabling replication for tables.)

Note: Marking a sequence for replication is separate from enabling replication for the sequence. If the value of the pdb_dflt_object_repl parameter is true, replication is enabled automatically at the time a sequence is marked

Oracle does not log information every time a sequence is incremented. Sequence replication occurs when the Replication Agent captures the system table updates that occur when the sequence's cache is refreshed. Therefore, the sequence value replicated when a sequence is marked for replication is the “next” sequence value to be used when the current cache expires. The result is that not every individual increment of a sequence is replicated, but the standby site always has a value greater than the available cached values at the primary site.

Note: Sequence replication is supported only for Oracle.

To temporarily suspend replication of a marked sequence, disable replication for the sequence.

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