Backing Up the RASD

As with any database, you should periodically back up the RASD to prevent data loss in the event of a device failure. Each backup is saved in a separate directory, the name of which consists of the date and time the backup occurred. The most recent backup is also stored in the backup directory in addition to its own dated directory.

Note: Sybase recommends that you always back up the RASD before you truncate it. You should also synchronize RASD backups with primary database backups so that, in the event of a primary database restore, the RASD is restored to the same relative point.

The Replication Agent places RASD backup files in the directory identified by the rasd_backup_dir configuration parameter. You can back up the RASD at any time, when the Replication Agent instance is in any state.

  1. Log in to the Replication Agent instance with the administrator login.
  2. Back up the RASD:

After the backup completes successfully, the Replication Agent returns a confirmation message.

If the Replication Agent cannot find the directory identified in the rasd_backup_dir parameter, or if it cannot write the RASD backup files in that directory (for example, because of a permission problem), it returns an error. You must correct the cause of the error before you can successfully back up the RASD.