Suspending a Replication Agent Instance

Suspending the Replication Agent instance stops its replication processing immediately.

To suspend Replication Agent:
  • The Log Reader component stops scanning the transaction log immediately, and the Log Transfer Interface component stops sending LTL commands to the Replication Server immediately.

  • All data in the Replication Agent internal queues (input and output queues of the Log Reader and Log Transfer Interface components) is flushed without further processing.

  • The Replication Agent instance releases all of its connections to the primary database (if any are open), and drops its connection to the Replication Server (and RSSD, if connected).

  • The Replication Agent instance goes from Replicating state to Admin state.

  1. Log in to the Replication Agent instance with the administrator login.
  2. Suspend replication for the Replication Agent instance:

    After you invoke suspend, the Replication Agent instance should go from Replicating state to Admin state.

  3. Verify that the Replication Agent instance is in Admin state:

For more detailed information about the suspend command, see the Replication Agent Reference Manual.