Review the basic troubleshooting procedures for Replication Agent and the replication system.

Two types of failures can occur in your replication system: command and replication. Command failures occur when you are in setting up your replication system. They return specific error messages that help you troubleshoot the problem. Replication failures occur after the replication system has been set up and replicated transactions do not appear in the replicate database.

Often, problems that prevent replication from occurring do not result in an error message from any replication system component. For example, a component may not recognize a problem in its own configuration that prevents replication from starting.

In a functioning Replication Agent system—one that has previously replicated transactions successfully—most system problems result in an error message from one or more of the system components. However, some problems that interrupt replication might not be interpreted as errors by the system components. In that case, replication fails but no error message is returned.