Direct Load Materialization Configuration Parameters

Use these configuration parameters with direct load materialization.

rs_init sets default configuration parameters after you install your Replication Server.

See Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 1 > Manage a Replication System > Set Replication Server Configuration Parameters > Change Replication Server Parameters for information on how to modify these parameters using configure replication server.

Direct Load Materialization Configuration Parameters

Configuration parameter



Specifies the optimal transaction size or batch size for the initial copying of primary data to the replicate table during direct load materialization.

Valid values: 10 – 2147483646

Default: 10000


Specifies the maximum number of load threads for each table being materialized.

Valid values: 1 – 20

Default: 5

Replication Server begins direct load materialization with one load thread for each table and spawns more threads as necessary up to the number specified by this parameter.

max_mat_load_threads is a local Replication Server and database connection parameter.

The value of this parameter and num_concurrent_subs control resource use for direct load materialization.