Reference Implementation for Oracle to Oracle Replication

Replication Server includes a toolset for quickly setting up a reference implementation of Oracle to Oracle replication using the products available in your environment.

You can implement a replication environment as a reference to demonstrate Replication Server features and functionalities. Use the toolset to:

  1. Build Replication Server and the primary and replicate databases.

  2. Configure the database replication environment.

  3. Perform simple transactions on the primary database and replicate the changes using database-level replication.

  4. Collect statistics and monitors counters from the replication processing in step 3.

  5. Clean up the reference replication environment.

The reference implementation toolset consists of scripts that are in $SYBASE/REP-15_5/REFIMP-01_0.

Note: The reference implementation provides only a single Replication Server, primary database server, and replicate database server. You cannot configure the reference environment topology for multiple replication system components.

See Replication Server Administration Guide Volume 2 > Implement a Reference Replication Environment for requirements, instructions, a sample configuration file, and the objects created by implementing the reference environment.