The Last-Chance Threshold

By default, the SAP ASE server monitors the free space on the segment where the log resides and executes sp_thresholdaction when the amount of free space is less than that required to permit a successful dump of the transaction log. This amount of free space, the last-chance threshold, is calculated by the SAP ASE server and cannot be changed by users.

If the last-chance threshold is crossed before a transaction is logged, the SAP ASE server suspends the transaction until log space is freed. Use sp_dboption to change this behavior for a particular database. Setting the abort tran on log full option to true causes the SAP ASE server to roll back all transactions that have not yet been logged when the last-chance threshold is crossed.

You cannot use sp_modifythreshold to change the free-space value or segment name associated with the last-chance threshold.

Only databases that store their logs on a separate segment can have a last-chance threshold. Use sp_logdevice to move the transaction log to a separate device.

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