(master database only) Validates readiness for downgrade to a version of SAP ASE earlier than the current version you are running. Also downgrades the system catalog changes that were modified with the current version of SAP ASE.


sp_downgrade @cmd = {'prepare' | 'downgrade' | 'help',}
	@toversion = 'n'[, @verbose = 0 | 1][, @override = 0 | 1]




Use to revert to the previously installed SAP ASE 15.0.x release.

When downgrading to a version of SAP ASE earlier than 15.7, the sp_downgrade system procedure internally calls sp_passwordpolicy [ prepare | downgrade ] along with the SAP ASE version number to downgrade.

When you execute sp_downgrade, the SAP ASE server performs these tasks:
  • Truncates role passwords and locks roles.

  • Removes newly added attributes in sysattributes under class 35.

  • Removes newly added class 35 in sysattributes.

  • Removes the new locksuid, lockreason, and lockdate columns from syssrvroles.

Note: When you downgrade SAP ASE version 15.7 to a pre-15.0.2 version, both role and login passwords are downgraded. When downgrading to version 15.0.2, however, the SAP ASE server truncates and locks only role passwords.

For more information about downgrading role passwords, see the downgrade section of the installation guide for your platform.


The permission checks for sp_downgrade differ based on your granular permissions settings.


With granular permissions enabled, you must be a user with sa_serverprivs_role and sybase_ts_role.


With granular permissions disabled, you must be a user with sso_role and sa_role and sybase_ts_role.