Allowing Wide Rows Using sp_dboption

allow wide dol rows configures databases to allow wide, variable-length data-only locked (DOL) rows.

  • You must enable allow wide dol rows separately for each database.

  • You can set the allow wide dol rows database option in user databases only. You cannot set the allow wide dol rows database option for the master database.

  • Enabling allow wide dol rows in an the SAP ASE server configured with page size of 8K or less has no effect.

  • Disabling allow wide dol rows prevents SAP ASE from creating wide, variable-length DOL rows; it does not prevent you from selecting data that includes such rows. However, until you enable allow wide dol rows, you cannot change rows that contain wide data, unless the change produces rows that no longer contain wide data.

  • Temporary databases cannot use wide DOL worktables until you enable their allow wide dol rows setting. If you use tempdb groups, enable allow wide dol rows either for all databases in the group or for none of them, so worktable and query processing behavior is consistent across the group, regardless of the tempdb to which a particular user session is bound.