Shrinking the Log

Issuing select into, alter table, and reorg rebuild when full logging is enabled can greatly increase the demand for log space, particularly for large tables. You may need to increase the size of the log. Once you have completed the command, you may remove the extra log space using the alter database log off command.

See alter database and Shrinking Log Space in System Administration Guide Volume I.

You cannot set full logging for select into, alter database, or reorg rebuild for:
  • The master database

  • In-memory databases

You can change the settings of:
  • Any database that has mixed log and data segments, but the option is ignored until such time as the database is altered to no longer have mixed log and data segments.

  • A database that does not have a durability level of full, but the option is ignored until the database is altered to have full durability.

These restrictions apply because none of the databases allow you to execute a dump transaction command. The use of fully recoverable DDLs enables dump transaction.