Dropping Caches

To drop or delete a data cache, change its size to 0. When you set a cache’s size to 0, the cache is marked for deletion. The cache remains active, and all objects that are bound to that cache continue to use it.

  • You cannot drop the default data cache.

  • If you delete a data cache, and there are objects bound to the cache, the cache is left as-is in memory and the SAP ASE server issues the following message:
    Cache (nmc3) not deleted dynamically. Objects are bound to the cache. Use
    sp_unbindcache_all to unbind all objects bound to the cache.
    The entry corresponding to the cache in the configuration file is deleted, as well as the entries corresponding to the cache in sysconfigures, and the cache is deleted the next time the SAP ASE server is restarted.
  • You cannot run sp_cacheconfig within a transaction.