System Table Changes

The sp_addlanguage system procedure performs changes to system tables.

  • sp_addlanguage creates an entry in master.dbo.syslanguages, inserting a unique numeric value in the langid column for each alternate language. langid 0 is reserved for U.S. English.

  • The language parameter becomes the official language name, stored in the name column of master.dbo.syslanguages. Language names must be unique. Use sp_helplanguage to display a list of the alternate languages available on SAP ASE.

  • sp_addlanguage sets the alias column in master.dbo.syslanguages to the official language name if NULL is entered for alias, but system administrators can change the value of syslanguage.alias with sp_setlanalias.

  • sp_addlanguage sets the upgrade column in master.dbo.syslanguages to 0.