The sp_dump_info system procedure displays the size of data and log that an uncompressed cumulative dump would contain at a specific point in time.

The size is reported in units of KB, MB, or GB, as appropriate. The size reported may be slightly smaller than the actual size of the archive file (or files, if using multiple stripes), because the archive contains some additional information by way of the labels, header, trailer and runlist pages. sp_dump_info can also only assume that an uncompressed dump is done; if a compressed dump is done, the size of the archive will clearly be smaller than that reported by sp_dump_info.

You cannot use sp_dump_info:
  • Unless you allow incremental dumps of your database by using the allow incremental dumps parameter of sp_dboption.
  • If the database has not yet been fully dumped since you enabled incremental dumps for your database.


sp_dump_info database_name




sp_dump_info fails if you do not allow incremental dumps, or you have not enabled incremental dumps for your database.


Any user can execute sp_dump_info.