Restrictions for set tracefile

Restrictions for using set tracefile.

  • You cannot save the SQL text for system tasks (such as the housekeeper or the port manager).

  • You must have the sa or sso roles, or be granted set tracing permission, to run enable or disable tracing.

  • set tracefile is not allowed to open an existing file as a tracefile.

  • During an SA or systems security officer session, if you enable set tracefile for a specific spid, all subsequent tracing commands executed take effect on that spid, not the system administrator or systems security officer spid.

  • If the SAP ASE server runs out of file space while writing the tracefile, it closes the file and disables the tracing.

  • If an isql session starts tracing for a spid, but the isql session quits without disabling the tracing, another isql session can begin tracing this spid.

  • Tracing occurs for the session for which it is enabled only, not for the session that enabled it.

  • You cannot trace more than one session at a time from a single sa or sso session. If you attempt to open a tracefile for a session for which there is already a trace file open, the SAP ASE server issues this error message: tracefile is already open for this session.

  • You cannot trace the same session from multiple sa or sso sessions.

  • The file storing the trace output is closed when the session being traced quits or when you disable tracing.

  • Before you allocate resources for tracing, keep in mind that each tracing requires one file descriptor per engine.