In-Memory and Relaxed-Durability Databases

Data copied into a table created with select into is minimally logged. with dml_logging = minimal specifies the logging mode for future DML operations on this table.

  • Setting the logging level to minimal affects the logging mode only on objects owned by the current user. However, if the user has system administrator privileges, setting the logging to minimal affects the logging mode for all objects in the user’s session.

  • show_exec_info does not display the reason the SAP ASE server overrides a minimally logged mode selected by a user. Use set switch on print_minlogged_mode_override to view the reasons for this override.

  • Session-specific settings for the logging mode override the logging options set at the table and database level, and include these restrictions:
    • Database-wide settings

    • Disabling DML logging for the current session based on the logging mode:
      • Database-wide logging mode settings

      • Table-specific logging mode settings

      • The ownership of the tables being updated

  • If you set the session-specific DML logging to minimal, running set dml_logging default returns the logging mode for the affected tables to their default logging mode, based on the table and database-wide settings.

  • You cannot use set dml_logging to perform fully logged DML if the database or table owner has already configured the table to run with minimal logging.