set Options That Can Be Grouped Together

Some set options can be grouped together.

  • parseonly, noexec, prefetch, showplan, rowcount, and nocount control the way a query is executed. It does not make sense to set both parseonly and noexec on. The default setting for rowcount is 0 (return all rows); the default for the others is off.

  • The statistics options display performance statistics after each query. The default setting for the statistics options is off. For more information about noexec, prefetch, showplan and statistics, see the Performance and Tuning Guide.

  • You can update up to 1024 columns in the set clause using literals, variables, or expressions returned from a subquery.

  • offsets is used in DB-Library to interpret results from the SAP ASE server. The default setting for this option is on.

  • datefirst, dateformat, and language affect date functions, date order, and message display. If used within a trigger or stored procedure, these options do not revert to their previous settings.

    In the default language, us_english, datefirst is 1 (Sunday), dateformat is mdy, and messages are displayed in us_english. Some language defaults (including us_english) produce Sunday=1, Monday=2, and so on; others produce Monday=1, Tuesday=2, and so on.

    set language implies that the SAP ASE server should use the first weekday and date format of the language it specifies, but does not override an explicit set datefirst or set dateformat command issued earlier in the current session.

  • cursor rows and close on endtran affect the way the SAP ASE server handles cursors. The default setting for cursor rows with all cursors is 1. The default setting for close on endtran is off.

  • chained and transaction isolation level allow the SAP ASE server to handle transactions in a way that is compliant with the SQL standards.