Revoking Permissions for update statistics, delete statistics, and truncate table

The SAP ASE server allows you to revoke permissions for users, roles, and groups for the update statistics, delete statistics, and truncate table commands.

Table owners can also provide permissions through an implicit grant by adding update statistics, delete statistics, and truncate table to a stored procedure and then granting execute permissions on that procedure to a user or role.

You cannot revoke permissions for update statistics at the column level. You must have the sso_role to run update statistics or delete statistics on sysroles, syssrvroles, and sysloginroles security tables.

By default, the database owner has permission to run update statistics and delete statistics on system tables other than sysroles, syssrvroles, and sysloginroles, and can transfer this privilege to other users.

You can also issue grant all to grant permissions on update statistics, delete statistics, and truncate table.

Note: Once you revoke permission to execute update statistics from a user, they also lose permission to execute variations of this command, such as update all statistics, update partition statistics, update index statistics, update statistics table, and so on. For example, the following revokes Billy permission from running all variations of update statistics on the authors table:
revoke update statistics on authors to billy

If you revoke a user’s permission to execute update statistics, you also revoke their ability to execute the variations of this command.

You cannot revoke variants of update statistics (for example, update index statistics) separately. That is, you cannot issue:
revoke update all statistics from harry

You cannot grant and revoke delete statistics permissions at the column level. See the “Usage” section of grant.