Users and User Groups

Usage consideration for users and user groups.

  • User groups allow you to grant or revoke permissions to more than one user with a single statement. Each user can be a member of one other group and is always a member of “public.”

  • You can add new users with sp_adduser and create groups with sp_addgroup. To allow users with logins on the SAP ASE server to use the database with limited privileges, you can add a “guest” user with sp_adduser and assign limited permissions to “guest.” All users with logins can access the database as “guest.”

  • To remove a user, use sp_dropuser. To remove a group, use sp_dropgroup.

    To add a new user to a group other than “public,” use sp_adduser. To change an established user’s group, use sp_changegroup.

    To display the members of a group, use sp_helpgroup.

  • When sp_changegroup is executed to change group membership, it clears the in-memory protection cache by executing the following, so that the cache can be refreshed with updated information from the sysprotects table:
     grant all to null

    To modify sysprotects directly, contact SAP Technical Support.