Using the with grant option Parameter

Rules for using the with grant option parameter.

  • You cannot grant permissions with grant option to “public” or to a group or role.

  • In granting permissions, when granular permissions is disabled, a system administrator is treated as the object owner. If a system administrator grants permission on another user’s object, the owner’s name appears as the grantor in sysprotects and in sp_helprotect output. When granular permissions enabled, the grantor's name appears as the grantor in sysobjects and in sp_helprotect output.

  • You cannot grant system privileges with the grant option parameter.

  • Information for each grant command is kept in the sysprotects system table, with the following exceptions:
    • The SAP ASE server displays an informational message if a specific permission is granted to a user more than once by the same grantor. Only the first grant record is kept.

    • If two grants are exactly same except that one of them is granted with grant option, the grant with grant optionis kept.

    • If two grant statements from the same grantor grant the same permissions on a particular table to a specific user, but to different columns, the SAP ASE server treats the grants as if they were one statement. For example, the following grant statements are equivalent:
      grant select on titles (price, contract) 
          to keiko
      grant select on titles (advance) to keiko
      grant select on titles (price, contract,
      to keiko