Dump Files

Dumping a log with the init option overwrites any existing files on the tape or disk.

Dump file names identify which database was dumped and when the dump was made. If you do not specify a file name, Backup Server creates a default file name by concatenating the following:
  • Last seven characters of the database name

  • Two-digit year number

  • Three-digit day of the year (1– 366)

  • Hexadecimal-encoded time at which the dump file was created

For example, the file cations930590E100 contains a copy of the publications database made on the 59th day of 1993:

This figure shows the file naming convention for transaction log dumps.

The Backup Server sends the dump file name to the location specified by the with notify clause. Before storing a backup tape, the operator should label it with the database name, file name, date, and other pertinent information. When loading a tape without an identifying label, use the with headeronly and with listonly options to determine the contents.