Specifying Dump Devices

You can specify the dump device as a literal, a local variable, or a parameter to a stored procedure.

You can specify a local dump device as:
  • A logical device name from the sysdevices system table

  • An absolute path name

  • A relative path name

The Backup Server resolves relative path names using the current working directory in the SAP ASE server.

Dumping to multiple stripes is supported for tape and disk devices. Placing multiple dumps on a device is supported only for tape devices.

When dumping across the network, specify the absolute path name of the dump device. The path name must be valid on the machine on which the Backup Server is running. If the name includes any characters except letters, numbers, or underscores (_), enclose it in quotes.

Ownership and permissions problems on the dump device may interfere with use of dump commands. sp_addumpdevice adds the device to the system tables, but does not guarantee that you can dump to that device or create a file as a dump device.

You can run more than one dump (or load) at the same time, as long as they use different dump devices.