Dumping Without the Log

dump transaction...with no_log truncates the log without logging the dump transaction event. Because it copies no data, it requires only the name of the database.

Warning!   Use dump transaction with no_log only as a last resort, after your usual method of dumping the transaction log (dump transaction or dump transaction with truncate_only) fails because of insufficient log space. dump transaction with no_log provides no means to recover your databases. Run dump database at the earliest opportunity to ensure recoverability.

Every use of dump transaction...with no_log is considered an error and is recorded in the SAP ASE error log.

If you have created your databases with log segments on a separate device from data segments, written a last-chance threshold procedure that dumps your transaction log often enough, and allocated enough space to your log and database, you should not have to use with no_log. If you must use with no_log, increase the frequency of your dumps and the amount of log space.