Dumping Only Complete Transactions

When you use with standby_access to dump the transaction log, the dump proceeds to the furthest point in the log at which all earlier transactions have completed and there are no records belonging to open transactions.

Use the with standby_access option to dump transaction logs for loading into a server that acts as a warm standby server for the database.

You must use dump tran[saction]...with standby_access in all situations where you load two or more transaction logs in sequence and you want the database to be online between loads.

After loading a dump made with the with standby_access option, use the online database command with the for standby_access option to make the database accessible.

Warning!   If a transaction log contains open transactions and you dump it without the with standby_access option, the SAP ASE server does not allow you to load the log, bring the database online, then load a subsequent transaction dump. If you are going to load a series of transaction dumps, you can bring the database online only after a load that was originally dumped with standby_access or after loading the entire series.